5 Baseless rumors that shocked Bollywood for good!


Veteran Bollywood filmmaker Rajkumar Hirani always has some unique message to share with his audience through his well-crafted movies. If Munna Bhai series taught us all about Gandhigiri, 3 Idiots showed us the never-ending love of friends and his latest release, Sanju surprised us all by making us realise how the news publications spice up any story, they seem fit with a simple question mark (?) to increase their TRPs.

So that got us thinking, how many times have we believed on such nonsense rumors, with no base?

Bollywood is like a big family, where everyone knows another and they stand strong together. Now every member of this family has their own admirers but sometimes, things tend to go out of hands. In the last couple of years, we've heard some of the most rubbish things about our celebrities and we’re here to tell you all about it.

Scroll down and see what kind of brainless rumors some jobless people had us believing!

NOTE: None of these rumors are TRUE!

SRK and PeeCee are married!

Apparently, King Khan married his 'jungli billi' Priyanka Chopra in a secret ceremony in Toronto, Canada! Are you reading this Gauri?

Poonam Sinha is NOT Sonakshi's real mother!

This came after many random people found an uncanny resemblance between Sonakshi Sinha and Shatrughan Sinha's ex-girlfriend, Reena Roy.

Kareena Kapoor Khan got pregnant in school!

You might think how free some people are when I don't even have the time to binge-watch my favorite show! Well, it was believed that Kareena got 'knocked up' when she was in ninth grade, but thank god, this was revealed to be just a rumor, made because of her popularity.

KJois dating his student, Sidharth Malhotra

I mean, WTF! This came after Sidharth made his Bollywood debut with Mahesh Bhatt's daughter Alia Bhatt and David Dhawan's son Varun Dhawan in Student of the Year.

Kangana Ranaut practices black magic

Kangana Ranaut was dating Adhyayan Suman, who started this rumor for a brief period of time. He claimed that she used to mix her menstrual blood in his food and practice black magic to get ahead in life.

I know we’re all obsessed with our favorite celebrity but this is just TOO MUCH!

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