5 Reasons to watch Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth starrer 2.0 trailer!


The much-awaited trailer of superstar Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar's first collaboration, 2.0 just dropped in and it is entertaining to every second! From the mindblowing CJI to spell bounding VFX and of course, Rajnikanth; this movie is going to be huge! As Rajnikanth says in the trailer of the film, he is ready to set the screen on fire and he is surely not kidding about it!

With so much curiosity and the spectacular response they received for the trailer, the makers are gearing up to cash in huge amounts because this movie is going to break the box-office.

So without further ado, here are five reasons why you should watch the trailer first and then the movie, when it releases!

First and foremost, Rajnikanth!

After delivering an amazing performance in Kaala, everyone's favorite superstar Rajnikanth is back to steal our hearts once again with Chitti version 2.0. In the movie, he'll flirt, romance, fight the bad guys and promise everything in true-blue Rajini style.

The Villian- Khiladi Akshay Kumar

Marking Akshay Kumar's debut in the South Indian film industry, this time we have him in a never seen before avatar. Apart from playing the villain for the first time, there are a lot of money shots of Akshay in which he is threatening to destroy those who keep cell phones. Looks like our man has a specific bone to pick with mobile lovers. Akshay looks menacing in his Crow Man avatar and promises to match steps with Rajinikanth.

The Storyline

The film is being touted as the spiritual successor of Shankar’s 2010 blockbuster Enthiran. Hence, it would be interesting to see how the director takes the narrative further. The trailer also introduced the concept of the fifth force but it is not spoken about much. Also why does Crow Man hate cell phones? Also, how does Amy Jackson figure in the narrative? The trailer leaves us hanging.

Action sequences

The audience will majorly feed off the visual effects in the film and trust me, they are going to be epic! The two almost share a symbiotic relationship in the movie. The hand-to-hand combat scene in the film is especially jaw-dropping as we see a massive Chitti dropping a mean kick on Akshay’s Crow Man.


Keeping the visual game strong, we have something good to watch in the near future. The scene where Akshay and Rajinikanth get ready for the combat of the ages is really awe-inspiring! And of course, how can Chitti ever be bad?

Helmed by S. Shankar, the film is scheduled to release on November 29, 2018.

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