5 reasons why you should watch The Accidental Prime Minister


The most controversial movie of the year, The Accidental Prime Minister has recently been released on 11 January 2018. Contrary to the audience expectations, the movie has not received a lot of positive remarks. Despite the same, it is the first Indian movie that has been projected onscreen involving Indian politics with a number of political personalities. It is the movie that quite clearly depicts the image of Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh back when he held the position.
Being an adaptation of the book of similar name, the movie is worth a watch for the below listed five reasons –

Akshaye Khanna

The actor almost took an exit from the film industry until we saw him again onscreen playing the role of Sanjaya Baru in the movie. And, once again Akshaye left us astounded with his acting in the movie. There are scenes in the movie that would just leave you wanting to rewind and watch them over and over again. It seems like the actor just proved that he belongs to Bollywood and makes you miss him in the movies.

Anupam Kher

Dr Manmohan Singh who has always been a silent figure throughout his tenure is finally acted through veteran actor Anupam Kher. Being an onscreen Dr Singh is not a piece of cake but Anupam Kher through his laudable skills just makes you appreciate the movie despite the negativity surrounding the movie.

A new side to Dr Manmohan Singh

If you are a politically active person, the movie is a must watch for you. Dr Singh has lost his respect while being the Prime Minister of India. He was always termed as the ‘Mute’ PM who was just the puppet of the Gandhi family. However, the movie gives quite a deeper insight into the life and emotions of the ex-Prime Minister of the country.

First Indian political movie

We all know that Indian Bollywood is changing constantly coming up with newer genres. The Accidental Prime Minister is the first Indian Political movie that involves the people of high reputation addressing them directly through their names which further becomes a reason to watch the movie.

Book adaptation 

The debut director, Vijay Ratnakar Gutte might have lacked at some of the moments to direct the movie in the most appropriate way but he has surely done the justice to the book written under the same name. The movie has been adopted in all the positive and right ways to make the viewers a fan of it.

These 5 reasons justify why you must watch Anupam Kher starrer movie, The Accidental Prime Minister. Share your views with us in the comment’s section below and stay tuned for more such entertainment updates.

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