5 Unsanskari Indian Movies to Watch on Netflix!


After spending almost 22 years in India, I know one thing for sure; there is nothing as ‘sex’. Nobody does it in our nation because apparently, we're too sanskari for it. But I wonder how do we maintain to be the second most populous nation in the world?

However, if you’re in a mood of being a little unsanskari then I suggest, watch these movies on Netflix tonight!


Released in 2015, this movie explores lesbian relationship, something that Deepa Mehta's 1996 film Fire also dealt with.

The Painted House - Chaayam Poosiya Veedu

This movie was considered to be different not because it was an intense psychological drama but because it showcased female nudity on screen!

The Pink Mirror (Gulaabi Aaina)

This movie talks about the life of transsexuals but obviously, CBFC couldn't take it. Hence, this movie was also banned!

Lust Stories

Netflix's latest offering, in collaboration with our generation's finest filmmakers. From vibrators to orgasms, the movie showed everything on screen - but most importantly, it showed that women are willing to own up their desires.

Brahman Naman

If you want to know what sexual repression really is then I suggest, watch this movie tonight!

So which one are you watching first?

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