6 Documentaries that are helluva interesting and uber fascinating


How will you define your perfect day? Well, for me a rainy day, a cup of coffee and mind blowing documentaries will do wonders. Yes, that’s my definition of a day well spent. To say that Documentaries are just a visual presentation of facts, won’t do justice to the essence they bring on screen. They are not just cliché stories but the stories that are untold and need to be told. Hillary Burridge once said, “Documentaries take us inside the worlds we never knew existed.” So why not delve into some of these worlds today?

Here is a list of world’s best documentaries that you cannot die without watching. Have a look!

1. Woody Allen: A Documentary

The normal, yet quite insane, Woody Allen is the man of his art. This is the first time that this iconic, writer, musician, phenomenal actor, director has allowed his life to be documented on camera. And guess what? Every person he worked with had all the good things to say about him. Yet they complained about him being insane. Watch the documentary and you will know what I mean.

2. Cinema Travellers

Think before calling yourself a cinema buff if you haven’t watched the documentary on the Cinema Travellers. It is not every day that a flick is premiered at Cannes. It is special in more than one ways, the fact that it was shot for many years. You can also expect a well organised display, something closer to a pure, direct-cinema ethic and a guaranteed powerful point of view.

3. Traces of Dragon

6 Documentaries that are helluva interesting and uber fascinating

I won’t believe you if you say you are not a Jackie Chan fan. Everybody loves him and that’s the most important reason of not missing this documentary on him. A touching and heartfelt tale of the man who has seen much in life, the story will stir all the emotions in you. Take my word for it.

4.Bollywood: The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Can you seriously imagine Bollywood without Romance? Looks like a nightmare to me. In fact the second name for Bollywood is Romance and this documentary justifies it to the fullest. An epic Bollywood movie is bound to have a little of everything – song, dance, drama, action, Romance and of course a Happy Ending.

5.Baavra Mann

Amidst all the imperfections and Failures of Sudhir Mishra, Baavra Mann also documents the importance to fulfil one’s potential in this line of work. No matter how tough it gets, it is actually a fun ride in the industry. Taking the man’s life as a prism, Jaideep Varma, the director, also traces the decline of creative and cultural scene in India.

6. Beyond Bollywood: The Real Indian Film Industry

Did you know besides Bollywood, Tollywood, etc. there is also a Sandalwood? Well, that’s the beauty of our Indian Film Industry. Shot at the 2016 London Indian Film Festival (LIFF), this documentary makes us believe that Bollywood actually means Entertainment. Not just us but the world bows down at its depiction of multiple genres.

There are some things which are not meant to be seen but felt. Documentaries are one of them. Once you have taken the plunge into their rather interesting world, you would just want to go deeper and deeper.

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