7 Reasons why Robin Scherbatsky should be your role model


The epic TV series How I Met Your Mother may have ended but our pure love for the amazing Robin Scherbatsky can never fade away. The cigar-smoking, gun-toting badass is probably the best example of an independent, mess-free woman. 

Don't believe us? Well, these reasons will make you think otherwise! 

Robin is not afraid to achieve her goals! 

She does want what she wants and never gives a flying fuck to anyone!

She has the courage to own up to her past mistakes! 

Priority list? DOUBLE CHECK! 

A world where women drink wine, Robin drinks Scotch like it's nobody's business.

She has no competition because she knows she's the best!

Robin likes to occasionally drop truth bombs! 

Ina world full of 'Ironmen', be a Robin Scherbatsky!

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