7 secrets from Shark Tank that will blow away your mind


It is easy to be popular but it is not easy to be just. Whoever said this must have had the popular American television series, Shark Tank, in mind. A mind-boggling platform for all the young and new entrepreneurs from around the world, Shark Tank holds a jury of talented people who are ready to help them in good faith. All you have to do is impress them with your pitch, and who know you are the next member of the pool!

But there also lie many secrets under the cover and today we have decided to uncover 7 of them. Have a look!

1. Psychologist is a must

shark tank

All the contestants that dive into the shark pool have to see a Psychologist after their pitch because the makers want to make sure they aren’t scared enough. Sometimes the pitch gets so intense that a relaxing session is a must afterward.

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2. Not all Ships Sail Through

shark tank

Among all the deal that the judges give their thumbs up to, not all of them get through. Shocked! But it’s true. The offers they make on the show are not considered official but as the judge, Daymond John himself claims, one of five deals surely gets through after filming.

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3. $75 Million Success Story

shark tank

The greatest pitch that has fallen through on Shark Tank is of Scrub Daddy that paid off $75 Million by selling out about 10 million units. Can you believe that? Even Lory Greiner purchased 20% of the company worth $200,000.

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4. Longer that it looks

shark tank

Going by the episode, it is obvious that the pitch people make does not last long. Or might think that these sharks are pretty easy to impress. But the truth is, every pitch lasts atleast for an hour or more. The longest pitch that has been made is by Michael Tseng, the founder of Plate Topper. His pitch lasted for two and a half hours.

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5. Total Transparency

shark tank

These Sharks actually dive into the pool blind. None of them have any information about any of the companies that they are going to meet. They go into the room blind and learn about them on the spot.

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6. Don’t mess the first take

shark tank

As they say, first impression is the last impression. But in this case, teh contestants are allowed only the first impressions. They are supposed to do their pitch in first go, no retakes allowed.

7. Sharks are no Saints

shark tank

Have you seen these Sharks fighting in the episodes? Well, they do fight in reality. As the things start to heat up, they even curse each other and are asked to re-shoot the whole thing again without any cuss words.

Are you as surprised with these little secrets as we are? Tell us in the comments section below.

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By~ Parina Taneja

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