Binge-watch these movies, if you love your pet just the way we do!


I don’t think it’s possible to not want to own a pet. They’re cute, understanding, adorable and always there. Once you’ve had a pet, you can never live without them. They never let you be alone and there’s always something or the other fascinating thing happening with them. Pets are just too charming to handle! And that’s one thing that the cinema has always loved to explore and showcase to its audience.

Although animals don’t speak our language or behave the way we do but once you create a bond with them, it’s too hard not to listen and see. They hold a magic to cheer us up even on the darkest days of our lives and have the energy to bear with you, when everything else goes south.

You might not find this level of love and loyalty in a human being but having one pet in your life can change the entire reason of your existence. Petting an animal is like a responsibility which cannot be done without inner-love and respect. So, take the time out of your busy schedule and take you best-paw friend out on a nice date!

Pets might not say anything but they’re too smart to know and analyze what is actually happening around them. They are great listeners and observers so you better be careful, next time around them. The pet-owner relationship has been well defined in some of the most classic movies of all time and today it’s time to talk more about it!

From a talking mouse to a dog who helps his owner to make the girl for him, Bollywood and Hollywood movies have been dependant on animals from a long time but today, it’s time to thank them all for their spectacular performances!

So without further ado, get ready to binge-watch these amazing movies that whole-heartedly explore the magnificent pet-owner relationships!

Marley and Me

I don't think that any other movie can top this list off because if you've ever had a dog then you know how precious they are! The movie is about a young couple and their adorable yet troublemaker dog!

Stuart Little

Every child from the 90s, are you hearing me? I need a mouse and I want to give him a small car and clothes with that too! Look at him, I mean. How would've thought that having a pet mouse can actually be so much fun!


Yes, I know what you're thinking. Pigs don't qualify as pets but after this film, that perception is going to be change! The film is about Babe, the pig that is adopted and taught how to herd sheep. Well, during that time, Babe also finds himself!

101 Dalmatians

I fell in love with dogs with his movie. No kidding. Since that time, there hasn't been a day when I haven't cuddled up with my dog every day! There's so much to say about this movie but it's getting be nostalgic at the same time! Do me a favor? Watch it now!

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Think of this movie as the Home Alone with dogs! Yes, it's that crazy. Well, according to the basic storyline, the owners go out on a vacation but the dogs think that their family has abandoned them. Disheartened and broke, the dogs decide to go on a mission to be reunited with their human family. As bizarre as it sounds, how cute can these pets be!

Eight Below

How dare you second question the majestic Siberian Huskies? They're royal-looking and amazing in every sense. However, the movie follows the journey of these huskies that are left behind when their owner's mission in the tundra is cancelled. And oh! It has Paul Walker too!

Black Beauty

If there's one thing that can be considered above the relationship of man and dog is the relationship between human and horses. Adaptation of the classic novel of the same name, it revolves around the story of the horse Black Beauty, and her life.

Air Bud

After watching this movie, you'll know that there is nothing that is not possible! It is the story of Air Buddy, a Golden Retriever mix who also happens to be a basketball pro.

Free Willy

You would want to die in sadness and dance with joy for Willy, the killer shark. It is about a beautiful friendship and the meaning of love. A must watch for every animal lover!

Once you start feeling love and protection for animals, then there’s no going back. EVER. We believe that every movie is a work of art and beyond creativity in it’s own way but which one are you choosing to watch first? Don’t forget to share with us!

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