Birthday Special: Why we all need a friend like Rajjo/Gogo


Every now and then, we all need a friend who can comfort us when in need. But one thing that we should not forget is that, he can also kick you when required. Now Bollywood has given us many movies on men bonding, but no one has ever been able to recreate the magic like Rajjo.

Rajjo and Gogo, from Pyaar ka Punchnama series are the craziest friend we ever wished for. From teasing you when you have a new crush to crushing someone when it comes to you, he's a perfect example of a true friend. The man who brilliantly played the characters, Kartik Aaryan has turned 29 today and we wanted to recall his best moments on- screen. Are you with us? Then let's get right into it:

Your go-to drinking buddy

When you’re living alone with your friends, your drinking capacity tends to grow and at that time, you need a companion. Someone you could go after office hours for a pint or bottle of wine, anything is good with Rajjo’s company!

The "shareef" guy in the gang

Every man is a fool in love, and Gogo proved so. No matter how much things frustrated him, he managed to be himself with his friends. Keeping it cool yet being honest, is a hard thing to do but Gogo did it with utmost sincerity.

When he lectures you rightly on heartbreak

None of us like getting our heart broken, yet we all go through it sometimes. And that is the moment why we need our beloved Rajjo, who tells us the truth about love, nothing but the truth!

The eye- grabber of the gang

Whenever a group of guy walks in, girls tend to notice them and ladies and gentleman, Rajjo and Gogo have always been that guy who will grab your attention in a second, because he is cute AF!

Always respects woman

No matter how female bashing his monologues were, neither Rajjo nor Gogo let that come in the forefront. They were as decent as a gentleman can be, as they simply walked out from the girl’s life without any drama.

Undoubtedly Katrik Aaryan’s smile makes everyone feel dizzy and his chocolaty looks make us drool every time. Here we wish a very happy birthday to the man, who has made our dreams even more beautiful.

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta

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