Bollywood movies that never saw day light in Pakistan


India and Pakistan have a lot in common other than their mutual love for cricket. The two countries love their respective film industries, which means that even though films are made and seen with gay abandon, they are also banned on a regular basis. 

While some movies are banned due to sensitive issues between India-Pakistan or our favorite Kashmir issue, others are banned due to the reasons which might surprise you! 

So here's a list of six movies which never saw day light in Pakistan: 


Bollywood, Pakistan

Inspired by the true life of Arunachalam Muruganantham and his struggle to make low cost sanitary napkins, this movie has been banned by Pakistan's Federal Censor Board. Reason for the ban is that they cannot import films that are against their culture and traditions. 

Chennai Express

Bollywood, Pakistan

There was no offensive content in the film but it was releasing on the same day as four important Pakistani films and hence was banned from screening. 


Bollywood, Pakistan

This film was banned because Pakistan believed it portrayed their country in negative light and all Muslims as terrorists. 

The Dirty Picture

Bollywood, Pakistan

The film that was based on South sex-siren Silk Smitha's life was found to be too bold for Pakistani audiences.

Tere Bin Laden


The movie was a comical take on Osama-Bin-Laden and had starred Pakistan's very own Ali Zafar but never saw the light of the day because the Pakistani board feared that it might spark terrorist attacks. 

Jolly LLB 2

Bollywood, Pakistan

Another Akshay Kumar movie to bite the dust, Jolly LLB 2 touched upon the topic of the Kashmir unrest. 

And we thought India's censor board of film certification was too sensitive!

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta

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