Dear Bollywood directors, please never remake these 5 perfect movies!


Bollywood has moved on and finally explored the tried-and-tested Hollywood formula of remaking classic movies. So to prevent the directors from ruining some of our favorite Hindi films with a remake, we have list for you to go through.

These movies are so perfect that they really don't need any improvisation, so don't bother. Please. We are bored of the same old run-off-the-mill stuff and wish the silver screen had more to offer. 

So take a look carefully, because these movies really need to be left alone. 


Anand is definitely the finest movies that Bollywood has ever come across. The brilliance of this movie lies within its simplicity and hence, to recreate the magic of Hrishikesh Mukherjee is an act of crime. 

Chak De! India

This movie was the beginning of good sports film in Bollywood and so no other actor or writer can replicate the 'sattar minute haitumharepaas' speech ever.


You may get Rocco and Hunter in today's time but Amar-Prem's chemistry is genuinely too difficult to find. 

MeraNaam Joker

MeraNaam Joker is Raj Kapoor's marathon long epic about the life of a circus clown and his women. It was brave because of the time when it was released but replicating its success in the modern era is a distant dream.


Bollywood's highly underrated thriller because this movie is all about twist and turns till the very end. Once you watch it, you'll understand that a remake of this one is just useless.

DilwaleDulhaniya Le Jaayenge

This ever-lasting true love tale between Raj and Simran can never be remade. Magic in Europe happens only one and it did. NO ONE can replicate it.

Promise me Bollywood that you will never remake these. NEVER!

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