Don't let the biased IMDB rating stop you from watching these amazing movies!


You're not really watching a movie, if you haven't googled its rating, review, cast and other necessary information. From the review of acclaimed critics to the audience like us, every person who watches the movie has something new to say. And being a blood sucking movie-buff, it is our responsibility to know everything about a movie, in and out before we begin to watch it!

There is nothing wrong in preparing yourself but sometimes, you might also get under the wrong impression. I mean, we understand that nobody like to waste their time on a bad movie but what if the ratings that are being shared on the internet are misleading and biased? Yes, that’s wrong to us and cinema but it happens.

The world refers to IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and Rotten Tomatoes but what will you do if they’re giving our wrong results? You obviously miss out on some of the most epic work! So all I’m trying to say is that, don’t go on blindly trusting some website because it has been regularly uploading data. A few digits cannot foretell the potential of a movie and to prove that we have some examples too.

Some movies have got horrible ratings but they are loved by the critics and audience. That means it isn’t a flop after all - in fact, far from it. So how about judging whether a movie is good or bad, all by yourself?

The below listed movies have not even received a proper 7 by the IMDb but still, it’ll be shameful if you don’t watch them at least once!

Prevenge (2016)

Rating: 6

The story is about a pregnant woman who goes on killing rampage. The movie happens to be oddly funny, immensely bizarre and creepily violent. Her baby directs and chooses the victims from her womb and then the mother kills them all in cold blood.

Bug (2006)

Rating: 6.1

A lonely and scared woman runs from her ex-husband, only to have an affair with a war veteran. When weird bugs start infesting her bed, the man shares his spooky conspiracy theory about what’s happening.

Upstream Color (2013)

Rating: 6.8

After getting together through various mad series of experiments, a man and woman find each other caught in the life cycle of an ageless organism and how they try to make sense out of its existence.

Night Moves (2013)

Rating: 6

About extremist behavior, three will-strong environmentalists decide to blow up a hydroelectric dam in order to pull off the biggest protest of their lives.

Palindromes (2004)

Rating: 6.8

This is a strange yet innocent story of a 13-year-old girl, who is desperate to become a mom. When her parents try to stop her, she runs away only to find herself a whole new world!

The Grey (2011)

Rating: 6.8

The story of survival and struggle! After a plane crash, only eight survivors are left including a wolf pack hunter, John. Injured and uncertain about the future, John takes it upon himself to guide everyone to safety, but not before fighting off a pack of hungry wolves that won’t stop chasing them.

Hanna (2011)

Rating: 6.8

Like father like daughter. Hannah, a 16-year-old assassin, who is trained to kill right from the beginning, is sent on a mission across Europe but an intelligence agent and her team hound her ruthlessly, trying to sabotage her mission.

A Bigger Splash (2015)

Rating: 6.4

A sensuous film from the beginning, this star-packed journey is full of human experiences unraveling in Italy while a rock star holidays there with her troubled but loving boyfriend. When her music producer ex suddenly shows up with his beautiful daughter, everything goes for a toss.

Spring Breakers (2012)

Rating: 5.3

It's all about being wild, careless and free in the world of adolescent sex, crime, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The story of four girls, who rob a diner just to get to their spring break and get bailed out by a rapper who they decide to join for more money and power.

All Is Lost (2013)

Rating: 6.9

If you like drama, then this one's for you. This intense drama is about a veteran sailor who decides to take some time off into the sea alone but eventually gets lost when his vessel hits a ship container. After using all his skills, the sailor struggles between life and death when sharks and storms come into the picture.

Yes, you might have heard about these movies but you have my word that each of the above mentioned movie, will be worth every second of your priceless time. Stay tuned for more Filmy updates!

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