Groot’s last words from Avengers: Infinity War translated!


Looks like there's no stopping for the epic Avengers: Infinity War, the movie has managed to cross Rs. 250 crores on the Indian Box- office and is still going strong.

This Marvel Cinematic Universe creation, made us experience an emotional roller coaster with mainly 3 stages of grief!

Spoiler alert: Continue reading at your own risk!

Watching our favorite superheroes just disappear was heartbreaking but nothing can be more painful than Groot's last words, as revealed by James Gunn.

Watching our favorite sentient teen talking tree, Groot evaporate after Thanos' heinous finger snap was horrifying alone but before that, Groot said his final words, "I am Groot" to Rocket, and the translation will break your hearts!

Just this week, James revealed what Groot's last words really meant and trust me, the world has not been the same since then!

When Twitter user, @TheMoonBearMan asked James Gunn what Groot’s final words meant, he replied, “Dad”.

This is not the first time when James threw such atom bomb at us, earlier he revealed that the original Groot is dead and baby Groot is his son. Not his reincarnation.

Groot and Rocket were more than partners and best friends. Rocket literally birthed Baby Groot out of whatever was left of the previous Groot. Hence, Rocket was father figure to baby Groot!

Please excuse me. I'll be just at my desk crying all day because Groot deserved better people!

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