Have a look at these ever-young celebrities in some long-gone advertisements!


Bollywod is filled with sassy and stylish actors/actresses. But if you think six-pack abs and a lean body like the current stars define 'classy' then you are wrong. The current or coming generation of Bollywood-lovers may never witness the actual 'classy' but we will make sure that it is well-recorded in their database that bold men with a thin moustache and a Lamborghini Countach is the exact definition of 'classy'.

In order to pay homage to such manly, full of testosterone and bold celebrities, here are some priceless pictures of long-gone advertisement:

Big B for Bombay Dying

Lux Beauties

Clean-shaved Jackie

Veteran Rajesh Khanna

Saif selling shaving foam

Sir Dilip for pickle

Aren’t these stars glamorous and bold than any of the current star? Indeed, they are and they are the ones who defined the real ‘classy’.

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