If not Salman Khan, who can be Bigg Boss’s bad-ass host?


Well, we can’t deny the fact that Bhaijaan Salman Khan is the driving force that brings us in front of the television at 9pm sharp every weekend. He is ‘the man’ who sets fire to the screen with his perception of wrong and right about the inmates of this most controversial house.

No matter how much we love everything about this man on Bigg Boss, have you ever thought, if not Salman Khan then who?

Here we have enlisted five other bad-ass options for you, who we think will make the reality show ‘a hard to miss’ thing. Have a look and tell us your favourite.

1 Shah Rukh Khan

Who better than the Khan himself to replace the other Khan of Bollywood? Just like Salman, Shahrukh will bring in the perfect dose of laughter mixed with sarcasm and we would love it. No one can deny the great sense of wit and humour he has. It would be interesting to watch him make the inmates do the right thing!

2. Akshay Kumar

Khiladi Kumar is the man who knows his game the best. He will not only rule the hearts of all but also give a tough time to those to mess around for all the wrong reasons, The ‘no-nonsense man’, Akshay Kumar will definitely keep, not just the contestants but, the audience on their toes as well.

3. Arnab Goswami

Are you thinking if the man would let anyone talk or not? Well, we were thinking the same but it would surely become one crazy show. Rather than waiting for the ‘Weekend ka Vaar’, contestants would rather desire it to never come.

4. Barkha Dutt

Now who can mess with Barkha Dutt? The lady will bring in righteousness and feminism in equal measures and put everyone on track. She is not the one to take wrong for right. She would rather slam the person down with her words.

5. Twinkle Khanna

As we know, Mrs. Funnybones will not mince her words for anyone. The lady will give the nonsense back to those who have started it. The Opinion maker of the Year, Twinkle Khanna, will have it her way because there is no other way.

This is our pick from the best. You can share with us your picks in the comments below. Till then have your fill of Salman Khan because we know he is irresistible.

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