If you laugh, then you are a Marvel Comics Fan!


Marvel films are way better than any other superhero movies. They have brilliant storytelling, excellently adapted characters with no Martha issues, the one thing that really clicks for Marvel is its humor.

Other than the smart ass character, there are a few dumbass characters, who just can't seem to stop having fun even in the toughest of situations. For example: In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor becomes an orphan, when his sister wanted to kill him. So to defeat her, he basically nuked his entire planet. Sad, but hey! He unlocked some new cool powers.

Well, we have a compilation of the funniest of Marvel memes from the Internet, if you laugh then you're a full-power Marvel comics fan! 

Oh so young, so innocent

Typical Bruce

Father of all daddy issues!

"And I shall strike upon thee with great fury and vengeance". Understand?

Haha, Ragnarok!

Badass! Although he almost got everyone killed. Still Badass.

So true!

That's funny and everything but when the fuck is the new Infinity Wars trailer dropping?

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta

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