Rare known facts about Mr. Bean: Rowan Atkinson


If you are not sure who Rowan Atkinson is, it’s enough to say just one name – Mr. Bean! An English actor, comedian and screenwriter, who gained recognition worldwide through his legendary Mr. Bean performance, is one of a kind.

Name is Bean, Mr. Bean!

But if you talk about Atkinson's real life, he is a very different person. He was a shy child, yet he grew up to be one of the most beloved comedians in the world.

Here we are with some of the lesser known facts about our favorite actor, Rowan Atkinson that will change your idea of him forever

Early life

He was born as Rowan Sebastian Atkinson on 6 January 1955 in Durham England. He was born to Erik Atkinson, a farmer and Ella May.

The origin of Mr. Bean

The character Bean was originally developed by Atkinson during his time at Oxford University from where he completed his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

Did you know?

Atkinson also played a supporting character in Sean Connery’s James Bond movie Never Say Never Again (1983).

Love life

Atkinson met his ex-wife, Sunetra Sastry, on the sets of Blackadder where she worked as a makeup artist and has two children with her, Ben and Lily.

His wheels

He loves cars and racing. Rowan owns many cars including a McLaren F1, Renault 5 GT Turbo, and Austin Metro, Škoda Superb, Audi A8, and Honda Civic Hybrid.


Atkinson once saved a plane from crashing when the pilot fainted even though he never flew a plane before. He managed to keep the plane in the air until the pilot recovered.

Amazing, right? This man is unbelievable! If you want to know more surprising facts about any celebrity, please let us know in the comments below.

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