Rarest of the rare pictures of Bollywood


The Indian film industry has its own way of being remembered and creating history. We have seen some of the finest talents in Bollywood, and many of them continue to entertain us even today.

Here we have a collection of some of the rarest pictures of Bollywood, which will make you remember the people who have greatly contributed to the cinema. Their families, friendships and work were all merged with one another.

Let's have a look:

Look at Abhishek Bachchan

Young Bobby Deol with his dad


90s Bollywood action hero bromance

Sometimes even Guru Dutt smiled


Yes, that's the director of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


This nervous kid on stage is - Juhi Chawla


First and the leading Bollywood family


Yes, Anupam Kher had hair once


Surprised? How time flies but we love them still!

By~Vibhuti Gupta

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