Sandra Bullock is a star and here are reasons, why we stand by it!


Sandra Bullock has a three decade long career of ruling on the box-office and our hearts; and thankfully, she knows no limits to stop. Hollywood is filled with talent but Sandra has always stood out! This 54-year-old star has given life to all her on-screen character; from a mother in The Blind Side to a fussy boss in The Proposal, Sandra has lived through time in our memory as that character.

Whether it was as the self-sufficient secretary-turned-junior executive in the sitcom Working Girl, or as the voice of Scarlet Overkill in the animation movie Minions, or in supporting roles in movies like Speed and A Time To Kill, Sandra has never chosen the roles but it's the other way around.

She’s always come out stronger and I don’t think her fans can love her more. She’s the only star that a movie needs and there are no two ways about it. So without further ado, let’s have a look at these movies which could never have been the same without her!

The Net

One of Sandra's finest performances, this cyber crime thriller revolves around Angela Bennett, a computer programmer who finds herself on the run from an unknown enemy after she finds some confidential government secret.

The Proposal

Set in New York, this romantic comedy, mainly dealt with gender reversal. Sandra portrayed a hard-ass New York editor while Ryan was a simple, sweet and ambitious assistant to her. With a lots of confusion and hatred, these two people who were not supposed to fall in love, fell real hard

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The Heat

Although it had an average story but still because of Sandra Bullock this movie went on to become a major box-office hit! The movie was an ordinary story about FBI agent Sarah comes to Boston to track an elusive drug lord and bag a promotion for herself. However, before she can interrogate a lead, she must deal with Mullins, another cop who likes to go solo.

Ocean's 8

An all-female-con-team led by Sandra Bullock in the latest franchise of the Ocean's series was everything to watch out for. A good female movie with nothing to do discussing men was a refreshing take on female bonding!

Miss Congeniality

The Proposal isn't the only time Sandra reversed the traditional rom-com formula. Before that she did the same with her first production venture Miss Congeniality in 2000. As Gracie Hart Freebush, Sandra Bullock gave voice to many young women about how you can retain your original identity even after a physical makeover.

Sandra Bullock, an actor, producer and a philanthropist has made every second out- be it on screen or off screen!

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