See how your all time favorite superheroes get mocked in Deadpool 2


Haven't watched Deadpool 2 yet? What are you waiting for, go and witness the epitome of bad-a**ness with none-other-than White Wade Wilson being played on-screen by Ryan Reynolds.

You know what makes Deadpool, the father of Comic-movies, is the eccentric style of Deadpool aka Wade Wilson. And its strong comic script is the result of Ryan Reynold's writing skills.

If you haven't seen the movie then chances are that you will be showered with spoilers in this article. So, here are some all-time favorite heroes who got trolled by Deapool:

Movie begins by mocking Wolverine

Curtain rises with a world-class mockery of Hollywood star Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character. And the mockery is a prompt which shows Wolverine’s miniature which is critically wounded. Ouch! It must be hurting Hugh.

Give me a Bow and Arrow and I’ll become Hawk-Eye

There is a point in the movie where Deadpool aka Wade Wilson is sent to a mutant-proof prison where Deadpool has no superpowers and also mocks Hawk-Eye as, “Give me a bow and arrow and I’ll be Hawk-Eye”. Isn’t he crass?

Cable gets mocked as Winter Soldier Arm

We all know that Cable is a time-traveller who came from the future where being half-human and half-robot is nothing new. But Deadpool comes up with this really crazy name for Cable which ‘Winter Soldier Arm’. Who does that?

“I'm Batman”, says Deadpool

Out of all the mockery done in the movie, this one has to be awarded as the best one. No wonder, Christian does it like any other but Deadpool took it to one level-higher.

You sure, you're not from DCEU?

In the midst of a hardcore fight scene between Deadpool and Cable, Pool says to Cable “You’re so evil. You sure, you’re not from the DC Universe?” Boom and there goes DC.

Superman super-mocked by Deadpool

“All I need is a planet of functional idiots and I’ll be there Superman”, says Deadpool with tons of mockery. Right in your face, Superman.

Black Widow Troll

Domino was referred to as the black Black Widow by Deadpool. Now, do not tell me that it isn’t hilarious.

ROFL! Deadpool does manage to make our tummies hurt with his quirky dialogues and fun-moves. Stay tuned for more entertainment related updates.

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