Six years of Gossip Girl: Top 10 characters of all time


For all of those who have watched Gossip Girl, then you understand the different fascination we all go through. The show is everything anyone would want. From the super cool take downs to all the gossip happening around, one can only imagine what their life really is on the Upper East Side, right? 

While the show ended nearly six years back, GG's character and the six-season run is forever. So let's go back and look how the characters fared by the time the series finished: 

#1 Serena van der Woodsen

Gossip Girl is Serena's show in end, because she's always been the 'It Girl'. Despite all her boy troubles being tiring, she's always a fashion icon and the center of the good drama.

#2 Chuck Bass

Um, because he's Chuck Bass! I mean, look at him! *drools*

#3 Blair Waldorf

I know you all must be wondering why she didn't top the list because everyone is a minion when it comes to her but Serena is just better.

#4 Dorota 

What is Blair without Dorota? Dorota is the comic-relief of "Gossip Girl" and always fantastic on screen. The show would not be the same without her.

#5 Cyrus Rose

Not Enough! This man is flawless and also the cutest person on the show!

#6 Eric van der Woodsen

So what he's gay, Eric has always been a true gem to the GG cast. And of course the greatest brother. 

#7 Henry Bass

While only appearing on the show for a matter of seconds, Henry Bass proved he is flawless and is the product of flawless parents.

#8 Dan Humphrey

There would have been no Gossip Girl if there was no Dan. He is the ultimate insider, though the character is destroyed in the last two seasons. He is manipulative, cold, and judging by his hair, sort of disgusting.

#9 Rufus Humphrey 

All the poor man wanted, was to make waffles for his children. Yet he somehow managed to be a terrible father. He was always so clueless and his mistakes got tiring.

#10 Lily Van der Woodsen

Lily is the OG of the Upper East Side with her conniving and deceitful ways. However, her old tricks get annoying and her drama detracts from the story lines we actually want to see.

So who’s your favorite? 

You know you love me. XOXO

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta

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