The Unimaginable Things that can only be seen on Indian Television


If you are someone who even has a tiny knowledge about the Indian TV serials, you will notice that these daily soaps seem to take inspiration from each other. The protagonist of the show is someone who has the most insane problems to deal with.

Well, I have to admit, it may get addictive for a lot of people out there and that's the reason that such shows have such high TRPs. But, these so called 'plots' can also be pretty irritating and purely unimaginable at times.

Check out these 5 things which the Indian TV serials never fail to shock us.

Waking up after Death

Don't be sad if your favourite TV serial's actor passes away in the show. There is good amount of chance that he/she is going to take a re-birth in the show due to public demand. Well, it may be possible that this re-birth is accompanied by memory loss and a completely new identity. The TV serials like Uttran and Sasural Simar Ka still use this tried and tested technique to increase their TRP.

Aging is Attractive

The TV serials are known for their 5, 10 or rather 20 years leap to make the plot more interesting. No matter how many years pass, the protagonists of the show remain the same amount of hot and sexy, just the way they were before the leap. The only change that one might see will be a grey patch of hair placed in the middle of their hairstyle. Rest everything is the same! Take the example of Archana and Manav from Pavitra Rishta. These actors are surely going to be in some anti-aging products advertisements.

Perfection isn't a task

The women in the daily soaps will eat or sleep looking perfect and it is only in this World that women don't get dark circles, pimples or rather any bad hair days. They seem to be like a wonder woman who can do all the tasks at the same time and can find a solution to every problem even if it is as big as solving a crime. So they are an all-in-one package!

Change in Genre? Simple!

Well, change in characters seems bearable. But, NO! The TV producers do not thing even twice before changing tracks of the show. A romantic love story is change into a sasu-bahu daily shop and a comedy serial takes a turn towards horror mysteries. Balika Vadhu, a show that was started to be a tale of a young girl soon changed into a show that fights multiple marriages! Like what!

Expressions Rule!

While watching a Indian daily soap, pay close attention to each and every family member and their expressions. All the climax scenes will show the close up of all the characters one by one in every angle. In addition that there are also multiple shots of slap involved.

The Indian TV serials are unbelievable at times! It seems like they have refused to change all through these years. Stay tuned for more Fully Filmy updates.

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