These are the 5 reasons why Hina Khan couldn't win Big Boss 11


Hina Khan, TV's favourite Bahu and one of the favourites to win Big Boss 11 but couldn't, has always been in the headlines since its premiere.Hina was well known as Akshara in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai, While Shilpa Shinde was known as Angoori Bhabhi. Both the actresses were a tough competition for each other. Hina was the most popular contestant of Big Boss 11. Her popularity and her huge fan following made everyone a little wary of her but the actress was the one who got a lot of negative publicity for the way she behaved in the house with the housemates.

Here you go for the five reason why Hina Khan couldn't bag the trophy of Big Boss 11.

Hina khan lies through her teeth

          Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta

Hina khan who always used to pass comments on people just like she did on Arshi Khan and when questioned she shamelessly said that when the discussion was going on Arshi's bra they were just girls. But the truth is when the discussion was happening love Tyagi and Priyank Sharma were a part of the conversation.But this thing did not stop here in fact, She was the one who asked the boys to look at her bra.This wasn't the only lie Hina Khan has said on the show the list of the lies continues in the entire season and for this she became the most hated contestant of the show.

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Her insensitive remarks on women

Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde

Hina who went inside the house with one motto that is Girl Power but wasn't seen following one. She was seen Slut-shaming to questioning a woman's modesty to insulting South Indian actresses and her industry people.Hina was heard calling Shipa fat like aunties, fat like drums and what not. When Shilpa remarked that Hina puts a lot of makeup Hina in her reply said  Hamare profession mein zarrorat padti hai. Aapki aadat choot gayi hogi shayad. This is not only thing she said she went on further with other female contestants of the show which made everyone against her.

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Hina took stand on wrong things

               Hina Khan

 Hina was the most Hypocrite contestant on the show.She was seen instigating people, attacking their families and when they retaliate, she sits in a corner and cry.Hina who always took wrong stand be it  Zubair Khan passing vulgar comments female contestants of the show or be it benafsha's case when she was completely wrong. Ms Khan thinks she is always right and what she did was fair but proved to be a very bad example of feminism on National TV.

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Hina Khan

Hina who had only few friends in the house, Priyank, Sapna and Luv. Hina was a popular one so the three decided to stick with her and used to follow her in whatever she used to say. Love and Priyank were even called Bodyguards of Hina as they had no stand of their own. Hina manipulated the three in her own way and made them follow her strategies.

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Hina was a camera lover or may be footage hungry

Hina Khan

Hina who was after Akash Dadlani as he was always seen talking to the camera, but for us she was the one who does it the most. Akash and Vikas who did it for fun but Hina used to play a victim card in front of the cameras be it her first emotional breakdown in the house or her last one.It was her strategy but it made her look like a bad person.

The actress failed to maintain the grace with which she entered the house. Shilpa was the most entertaining contestant in the show and the audience could connect to her but Hina failed to impress the audience and people could not connect to her behaviour and was considered vamp inside the house. Though the audience lost all sympathy with the actress it was difficult for her fans to compete with Shilpa Shinde's fans. We think coming in Big Boss 11 was the biggest mistake of her career as it damaged her image a lot. Now her fans do not see her as the sanskari bahu anymore. What do you guys think on this?

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