These strong Bollywood female characters showed us the way of Life with our head-held-high!


Since the beginning of time, every Indian kid has learnt some of their most valuable life lessons from Bollywood and we’re not at all ashamed about it. From teaching us the desi bro-code with Jai and Veeru to Rats and Meow, re-defining love and friendship; Bollywood has shown us the many shades our lives can withhold.

More than that, Bollywood has explored the ever-changing position of women in our patriarchal society and given them a new identity with different aspirations, just to be the voice for us!

Some of the female on-screen characters have turned into our role models and female icons, instead. They've made a place in our heart, once and forever!

So, here are some of the kick-ass life fundas of our strong and powerful female characters. Have a look:

Shashi, English Vinglish

Times are changing and it's never too late to learn something new. So try to grab new opportunities and never stop talking risks!

Poo, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in loving yourself before you think of loving someone else. And remember, you’re da bomb!!

Kaira, Dear Zindagi

We all have some dark secrets that are buried in our closet but that doesn’t mean that you forbid yourself from opening up. You’re beautiful and you have every right to be happy. So, don’t be ashamed in talking about your mental health, EVER.

Kashibai, Bajirao Mastani

He's just your pati and not your parmeshwar. Meaning that you ain’t taking bullshit from no one!

Piku, Piku

Our parents have done everything in their power to make us happy and now it’s our turn. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a daughter or a son. Come on, it’s 2018! Love your parents because you are everything they have!

Veera, Highway

Be independent and don’t let the people who’ve wronged you, also dominate you. Now is the time to speak for yourself. Now is the time to STAND UP!!

Rani, Queen

Life is full of new experiences and meeting new people so don’t hold yourself back!

Geet, Jab We Met

Main apni favorite hoon, just sums it up perfectly.

Datto, Tanu and Manu Returns

Oh the way she handled men and the way she introduced herself, they’re all signs of a kick-ass women. Don’t you ever let any man decide your worth because you’re priceless!

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