Top 5 'Avengers 4' fan-theories which may actually prove to be true!


Avengers: Infinity War left the whole world in silence with the Titan Thanos' unlikely victory over the mighty team of Avengers. And soon after the release of Infinity War, the fans began waiting for its sequel. Marvel fans are literally counting days until the release of Marvels' untitled upcoming Avengers movie.

In the last part, the mighty team of Avengers lost the battle against Thanos which led to the termination of half of the universe including many of our superheroes. Although the Avengers did not win but they did manage to put a great fight against the villainous Thanos. Now without the better-half of the Avengers, the whole world is left on the edge of extinction.

It won't be wrong to say that the Avengers are of no match for the gigantic Thanos. But Marvels promise that this time, Avengers will finally find a way of snatching the Infinity Gauntlet from the Mad Titan and bring the dead Avengers back to life. With the whole internet filled with crazy fan-theories about how Avengers 4 will turn out to be, it gets nearly impossible to trust any one of them.

Well, the truth is that there is no better way than to wait for its release till May 2019 to witness the rest of sci-fi fantasy but there are a few fan-theories which may prove to be true. Yes, you heard it right! Here is the compilation of some of the most believable fan-theories related to the upcoming Avengers from around the world:

Time Travel

A few weeks earlier, news broke down the internet that Avengers 4's set photos have been leaked which linked the upcoming Avengers with the first part of the instalment when Thanos sends an army to destroy the NYC. There were pictures which showed Captain Rogers teaming up with Ironman while saving the city from an army of aliens. Hence, there are speculations that in the upcoming Avengers, the team of superheros may travel time for saving the world from annihilation.

Captain Marvel

As seen in the post-credit scenes of the Avengers Infinity War, SHIELD agent Nick Fury sends an encrypted signal to someone unidentified before turning into ashes. Well, that unidentified entity is no one but Captain Marvel. Yes, Captain Marvel may feature in the upcoming Avengers and prove to be a valuable asset for the team in the war against Thanos.


We all know that gigantic villain Thanos ripped Vision’s stone right from his head which killed him right then and there. However, Professor Bruce Banner begs to differ. Mark Ruffalo aka Bruce stated that there is more to vision than just the stone. Vision is an amalgamation of Ultron, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Jarvis, and the stone. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that Vision might return for concluding the unfinished business with the Mad Titan.

Hulk Revamped

All the Marvel fans were somewhat disappointed with Hulk’s hiding in Professor Bruce Banner’s body. Yet, there are rumors that Professor Banner and Hulk’s feud will be solved in the fourth instalment and the audience will be feasted with a revamped Hulk in-action against Thanos. Rumors also suggest that Hulk will get a personalised as a courtesy of the Stark industries and will be smarter than ever-before.

Original Avengers

If you are a fan of the MCU and a keen observer of their films then you must be aware of the fact that the original Avengers including Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye are all alive. Hence, it won't be a surprise if the original-team proved to be a gamechaner in the battle against Thanos.

So, what do you think about the above mentioned theories related to the upcoming part of the Avengers? Stay tuned for more entertainment related updates

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