Top 7 scariest Hollywood trailers of 2018!


2019 is just a month away and 2018 will soon be gone. And so will be the charm of movies that released in 2018. When it comes to Hollywood, the first that comes to our minds is nothing but the finesse in movie-making.

Some teeth long for ripping, gleaming wet from black dog gums

From Avengers Infinity War to The Nun; we saw numerous engaging Hollywood movies which released in 2018. And each one of them gave us such a great viewing experience that it is worth mentioning. But do you know the best genre of Hollywood movies?

Where many people believe that Hollywood's area-of-expertise is superhero-movies, we believe it is the bone-chilling horror movie section. An engaging story and compelling graphics make Hollywood horror movies, a mind-blowing experience.

In the dusk of 2018, let us remember some of the scariest Hollywood horror movies by watching their trailers. Here is a list of horror-movie trailers which shouldn't be missed if you did:



A Quiet Place

Slender Man

Ghost Stories


The Predator

Aren't the above mentioned trailers, bone-chilling af? Please share your views in the comment's section below. And stay tuned for more entertainment related updates

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