Will Bollywood remember Zareen Khan, without any skin show?


Bollywood thrives on talent. While many tried to make it big for themselves on the silver screen, only a few were able to attain that power. Every working actress in the industry trains herself for hours to look perfect, with mesmerizing looks they make us fall for them instantly. Still there are many actresses, who have suffered in this rat race. They have failed to make an impression on the critics as well as the audience.

Zareen Khan

Such is the story of the Bollywood diva Zareen Khan, who made her debut in Bollywood with Salman Khan but unluckily, she’s failed to impress the audience. Till now Zareen has worked in 6 Bollywood films, and one Tamil and Punjabi each. She has also performed item numbers in 3 Bollywood movies. For an actress, this much is enough to make her career reach at the top but not for Zareen.

Zareen Khan

Her latest outing at the Box-office is with 1921, co-starring Karan Kundra. Helmed by Vikram Bhatt, this horror movie is the fourth instalment in the 1929 franchise. To be honest, there’s much of skin showing than just acting. Just like the rest of Zareen’s films, 1921 has also failed to perform at the box office by collecting a total of Rs. 9 crore in its first week.

Zareen Khan

Beginning her career with Bhaijaan’s Veer and Ready, where Zareen tried to execute her acting skills it’s been a bumpy road for her after that. When she was not able to impress the audience with her acting, she decided to take the high road by flaunting her skin. But is that ethical? We've seen a drastic change in Zareen's movie choices, from portraying a 19th century princess to doing bold scenes on the silver screen. There's something up with the gorgeous actress.

Zareen now stands at a position in her career, where she has more item numbers than being the lead in a movie. That is surely not good for the reputation of an actress because once you go down that rabit hole, you career of becoming an A-lister is dead. That’s what happened to Zareen, I guess!

In order to pay her bills and live the luxurious life, one’s got to do what they can. We’re not judging her for her bold choice of roles, but she’s just trying to save a sinking ship.

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By~Vibhuti Gupta

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