You will be surprised to know the real-name of your favourite celebrities


They say. What’s in a name? Well, you should ask your favourite celebrity about it because majorly everyone has opted to ditch their birth name and go ahead with a catchy screen name. While some did it because of numerological reasons, the others did it because of a suggestion by someone or simply because they wanted to sound easy to their fans.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with it but don’t you ever wonder, leaving your name behind? It’s like building a new identity, a new person altogether. And if you thought that this phase of rechristening oneself before entering the movies was some decade-old talk then think again!

Read onwards and enjoy the virtual tour of your favorite celebrities who changed their name before entering into the movie business!

Amitabh Bachchan

Can you imagine his real name being referred as the Shahenshah of Bollywood? I know I can’t!

Salman Khan

That’s a tough one to remember but we can all give it a try for Bhaijaan!


Aah, the evergreen beauty with an evergreen name!


He knew what it would cost to become a real ‘superstar’! Interestingly, Anil Kapoor used the name Shivaji Rao in his 2001 hit film Nayak.


He prefers to use the short form of his real name and we are thankful to him!

Mithun Chakraborty


Katrina Kaif

When she came from London, she decided to change her surname to Kaif on Ayesha Shroff's (Jackie Shroff's wife) advice. They decided to go with something that is easier for the Indian audience to remember!


Now we know where his children get the surname for!


Just a shorter form!

Guru Dutt

Do you think he would've have been able to attain the iconic title that he holds today, if he had used his real name? And no, he is nowhere related to Deepika Padukone!

John Abraham

His mother called him Farhan whereas, his father called him John; and that is what stuck to him while making his Bollywood debut!

Johnny Lever



His parentage controversy still may excite millions but we're at least sure about his real name!

Dev Anand

Chunky Pandey

Shilpa Shetty

Ashwini became Shilpa after her astrologer mother thought this name change would bring her more luck in films.

Surprised? I know we are!

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