Youngest Nawab, Taimur Ali Khan turns ONE: Here are some throwback pictures!


The little Nawab of Bollywood, Taimur Ali Khan turns one and apart from the Kapoor and Pataudi clan, the whole world cannot control their excitement! Over the twelve months, we’ve spent a good amount of time surfing the Internet for his cute pictures, but still did not find ourselves even a slight satisfied. The boy, is just too cute to be true and there’s not a single human being who wouldn’t be mesmerized by his big-blue- full-of-innocence eyes!

Now our excitement is justified, but can you imagine to what lengths his family would go to mark this happy occasion, as the best day of 2017. Making it way too special for their little prince, the whole family has flown to their ancestral house, Pataudi Palace in Haryana. With horse riding and recalling their family legacy, this well planned day would surely go down in history.

Here is wishing a very happy birthday to Taimur, so please take some time out to look back a collection of his cutest outings!

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

December 20, 2016: The day when Saifeena welcomed their little Prince, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi.

How we wish we get a chance of cuddling those soft cheeks, for just 5 minutes!

Taimur looks adorable, when he is confused as well!

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

Now we know where he gets his mesmerizing eyes from, right?

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

Only if we could gobble you?!

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

Oh, did I just fall in love with Taimur? ALL OVER AGAIN!

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

Are we allowed to do third-wheeling here? Just in case..

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

Just look at that happy face! *drools*

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

Dada Saif cannot stop pampering his baby love

Taimur Ali Khan, Birthday

Happy picture. Happy family!

Isn’t he a delight to watch? Oh, I could just keep on scrolling his cute pictures. On his first birthday, Saifeena took the initiative to make him familiar with his roots, which is indeed a very important part of growing up. Apart from all the celebrations, Papa Saif went on to share his bright future plans for baby Taimur, which includes studying abroad for a prosperous future and a brand- new Cherry red Cherokee, as Taimur’s birthday gift.

By ~ Vibhuti Gupta

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