After Blake Lively, Hannah Montana takes down all of the photos her Insta-handle!


Soon after Blake Lively's stunt of removing all her pictures from Instagram, yet-another celebrity has chosen this path. We are talking about Hannah Montana fame singer-cum-actor Miley Cyrus.

Miley Is Coming!

Disney star Miley took down all of the photos from her Instagram account on Friday. And just a few hours later, the whole internet started buzzing about it.

In no time, Hollywood actor Miley Cyrus began trending on Twitter as fans started posting numerous theories behind this unlikely act with hash tag 'MileyIsComing'.

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One of the million fans tweeted: "It's official! Miley has deleted all her Instagram photos! Something BIG is coming!." Also, many fans started believing that Miley's beau Liam Hemsworth might have been the reason behind the act. The only bad news is that Miley's fan will not be able to see the adorable couple's photos anymore.

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