Avengers 4 concept art LEAKED: Thanos to make a comeback with an all-new weapon!


A concept art rumored to be from the fourth installment of Marvel's Avengers was leaked on Reddit on Tuesday. All the MCU-fans have lost their calm with the leaks revealed in the leaked art.

Avengers 4 is set to release in May 2019

A photo went viral on Reddit which shows a whole new side of Earth-savior Heroes. Rumors suggest that the concept art is a legit piece from the fourth installment of Marvel's Avengers.

As per the last Avengers, our heroes including MCU's Guardians of the Galaxy fail in stopping Thanos from swiping off half of the universe. The invincible Thanos is yet to be defeated by the mighty Avengers along with Captain Marvel.

However, the concept art on Reddit showed a whole new avatar of the MCU's Avengers. Incredible Hulk is seen in a suit and in complete sync with the team of Avengers.

Also, another art work reveal that Thanos may make a huge comeback with a new double-blade weapon and sporting new, reinforced battle armor along with the  'Infinity gauntlet'. Besides the major changes in the character of Hulk and Thanos but the rest of the team is also looking pretty tight than before.

Captain America has done some useful self-grooming and back to looking his usual best. Black Widow and Hawkeye seem to have got haircuts of their own with the latter looking more and more like Ronin as was previously theorised. Captain Marvel is in her red-and-blue costume rather than the green one of Kree origin as we saw in the leaked set photos from her upcoming solo film.

But we have to admit, that a revamped Bruce Banner aka Hulk who is all teamed-up with the rest of the Avengers caught the most attention of all.Follow our Bollywood Magazine For Latest Bollywood News and Gossips.

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