Blac Chyna dates a 19-year-old boxer after Rob and Jay


American model Blac Chyna, who was earlier in a relationship with Rob Kardashian and rapper YBN Almighty Jay, is now reportedly dating a 19-year-old boxer Devin Hane.

Blac Chyna and 19-year-old boxer had the same lawyer

According to sources close to the athlete, Hane first met Chyna around three months ago; hitting her up on Instagram after learning they had the same lawyer. Chyna was attracted to him and started seeing him regularly soon after, the sources said.

"Hi babe", read the caption of the photo in which Chyna was tagged.

This led to speculations online that she is dating Hane for his "clout". But as per sources, it is simply because Chyna likes the boxer.

Chyna may have been even dating him while she was with her former beau YBN Almighty Jay, while he himself was pursuing different women. The pair broke up last month.

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