Captain Marvel Trailer revealed: Marvel Studios' newest-addition to the Avengers!

Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel will be released on 6th March 2019

Speculations were that the unknown superhero entity is none-other-than Captain Marvel who was unknown to the rest of the world, until now. Marvel Studios has finally revealed the trailer of their upcoming superhero entity, Captain Marvel. Yes, you heard it right; the most anticipated movie of 2019, Captain Marvel's trailer is out.

Before further discussions, enjoy the trailer below!

Much-hyped Marvel Studios' movie, Captain Marvel is set in the90s America in the middle of which is a brave and fierce female militant Carol Danvers being played by Brie Larson and a young Agent Fury. In the beginning of the trailer, we are shown the back of Carol aka Captain Marvel who crashes into a Blockbuster video store.

Then comes the pager-thing which was last seen in the post-credit scenes of Avengers Infinity War. We are treated with an illustrious 90s Los Angeles and big old-schooled bad-guys.

As per the look of the trailer, Captain Marvel is going to be the origin story of Carol Danvers and her journey of becoming a superhero. By looking closely into the trailer, you will witness a scene in which Captain Marvel is seen brutally punching an elderly woman which is very unlikely in Marvel Cinematic Universe. And that is because that old-woman looking person being punched by Carol is actually an alien race known as 'Skrull'.

Also, the main villain is yet not revealed by the makers in the trailer of the movie. But we surely get to witness some hard-core action sequences from the movie.

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