CONFIRMED: X-Men star Hugh Jackman will not be a part of Avengers Endgame


Late last month, Marvel fans generated a lot of buzz when Google started showing 'Avengers Endgame' in Hugh Jackman's filmography. Soon after fans made their minds that Wolverine actor will be reprising his role in the fourth instalment of Russo Brothers' directorial.

As we all know, there are already numerous theories related to the upcoming Avengers movie. And it gets immensely difficult for fans to rely on them. Fans that drew the conclusion that Hugh Jackman will be seen in the Avengers Endgame may face disappointment as MCU Cosmic's Jeremy Conrad begs to differ.

Frequent leaker Jeremy explained that Google’s results are simply showcased whatever it crawls from several web pages and his inclusion of Endgame in Jackman’s filmography is the result of edit Wikipedia pages. Therefore, expecting Hugh Jackman in the fourth instalment of Avengers won't do any good to you.

On a related note, Avengers Endgame happens to be the most anticipated project of the century. And if reports are to be believed than Endgame is going to be the end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Directed by the Russo Brothers and produced by Marvel Studios, Avengers Endgame will see the end of Thanos' reign. There are solid evidences which prove that Captain Marvel aka Brie Larson will be introduced in the fourth instalment of the Marvel superhero movie franchise.

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