Did Russo Brothers announce a break from making superhero movies?


Avengers director duo, Russo Brothers has once again cleverly dodged all the questions related to the upcoming Avengers movie. Reports suggest that at a special-screening of Avengers Infinity War which took place recently, Russo Brothers left their fans disappointed after admitting that they will be taking a break from 'superhero-movies'.

Russo Brothers say that they won’t be making superhero movies anymore!

During their press conference at the screening, Joe Russo started his air horn app on his cell phone and warned the journalists for not asking questions related to Avengers 4. Although, Marvel fans throughout the world, were waiting for Avengers 4's trailer to drop at the same event but it didn't happen.

Have a look at their interview below:

Avengers director-duo also revealed that they will now take a break from superhero films and that they will never return to making superhero movies under any circumstances. However, Russo Brothers did not stop from giving insights to the upcoming superhero-movie. They revealed the status of Vision and added that he is dead as Thanos pulled the Mind Stone out of his head.

Avengers hit maker also said that Thanos could figure out the real Dr Strange from all the replicas during the fight on Titan by pulling out his soul with help of the Soul Stone.

On a related note, Avengers 4 will be released in 2019. Directed by Russo Brothers and produced by Marvel Studios, Avengers 4 picks-up from 5 years after the final battle of Infinity War where Thanos wipes-off half of the universe with a mystical snap.

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