Dua Lipa has learnt a lot from her single life!


Room for 2 singer Dua Lipa believes that she has discovered a lot of new things about herself and life since the time she has been single. Speaking about her current relationship status during an interview to ELLE Magazine, Dua said, "There's so much fun in being single." 

Dua is performing in Seoul, South Korea on May 6th, 2018

"When I'm single, I end up having so much more time to do a lot of other stuff... I think you learn so much more about yourself when you're completely alone and you have no one to go to for help for certain things,” she added. 

“You learn to rely on yourself in a different way." Dua expressed.

Even though she is totally happy to be single and in peace, Dua remains "firm believer" in love. 

"I blame my parents for that, because they have a really good relationship and I think they've set my standards high," she added.

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