Ed Sheeran fights for the royalty of hit song, 'Shape of You'


Renowned singer Ed Sheeran has filed a lawsuit against musician Sam Chokri who once claimed that the song 'Shape of You' was a copy of Chokri's 2015 hit track "Oh Why". Sheeran's lawyers took this step after losing royalties to his song on Chokri's appeal.

Sheeran’s 'Shape of You' is a copy of Chokri's 2015 hit track "Oh Why"?

As per the reports Ed has yet not received royalties from the song which grossed a business of 20 million pounds since its release, since 10th of May when the decision was in Chokri's favor.

Now, Perfect singer's lawyers have submitted a report against Chokri and songwriter Ross O'Donoghue for "damaging reputation" and affecting Sheeran's "revenue stream" in the High Court on 30th June.

Sheeran and his associates are expecting a declaration that 'Shape of You' is Sheeran's original creation and a suitable amount of compensation from the other party.

In a recent concert in Cardiff, Wales, the British singer-songwriter had to stop the concert twice for pee-breaks

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