‘Fast & Furious’ spin-off is full of action and humour


Famous actor Jason Statham has divulged something about 'Fast & Furious' and we’re excited. He has said that the forthcoming film "Fast & Furious" spin-off is going to be "brimming" with humour and action.

The film is being directed by David Leitch.

Statham revealed to a tabloid, "Yeah, I'm doing a big spin-off movie with Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, who I'm a particular big fan of and good friend of."fast and furious

"So I'm going to do a big Hollywood splash with a mate of mine. They are developing the script right now, so I can't give you any spoilers on that one. Listen, Dwayne's got a big appetite for action, and he's got a great appetite for humour, and I'm sure it will be brimming with both of those things."

"Dave Leitch is someone that I have known for many many years, who is taking the helm and directing this, and he's just a true expert on this kind of stuff," added Statham.

"You might have seen 'Atomic Blonde'. He's got 'Deadpool' coming out. He's a really talented guy, and to be working with someone that I've known for so long is a big bonus for me."

We’re excited to hear the news already.

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