Grammy award winner Akon to build his own 'Crypto City'!


One of the most renowned rapper Akon is gearing up to launch his own crypto currency, 'Akoin' and he is also willing to build his own 'Crypto City' in Senegal. In the past, many celebrities have dreamt about the same but you never know,  Akon might just pull it off!

He might run for Presidency in 2020 US elections!

He plans to own his own crypto city, to improve the living conditions of people in Africa. While speaking at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in France, the solar energy entrepreneur and entertainer said that crypto currency and block chain technology could empower people in Africa. He believes, the decentralized system will help the people to advance themselves from the government.

Going by Akon's official website, he has already received a positive response from Senegal's president Macky Sall as he has granted his request of 2,000 acres of land, which will be developed into 'Akon Crypto City'. This is going to be the first city where crypto currency will be the medium of transactions.

Further the website revealed that the location is within five miles of the country's international airport and will use smart city designs and a blank canvas for “cryptonising” daily business and human exchanges.

On a related note, Akon also has other plans like running for the post of the President of the United Nations in 2020. He said that he is ready to take on both Donald Trump and Kanye West- who has also expressed his intentions of running for President in 2020.

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