Hollywood Mogul Harvey Weinstein pleads not guilty to new sex assault charges


Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein pleaded not guilty to charges of sexually assaulting a woman in 2006, the third criminal sex assault case brought against him, and his attorney said he expects further charges to follow.

Weinstein repeatedly denied having any sexual encounter with the victim

Earlier, more than 70 young women have accused Harvey of sexual misconduct, including rape, in a series of incidents dating back decades. The accusations on Harvey Weinstein led to the rise of #MeToo campaign.

As per our sources, New York State Supreme Court Justice James Burke rejected a request by prosecutors to order house arrest for Weinstein, allowing him to remain free on the $1 million bail that has been in effect following his May not guilty plea on charges that he assaulted two other women, one in 2004 and one in 2013.

The co-founder of Miramax Film Studios, Weinstein repeatedly denied having any sexual encounter with the victim.

The defense lawyer, Benjamin Brafman said: “Any suggestion that Mr. Weinstein raped anyone based on the evidence that I have in my possession already is a ludicrous suggestion.”

Mr. Brafman added: “We anticipate based on what prosecutors have said that there may be more charges.”

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