Hollywood’s famous poster creator Bill Gold is dead


We are disappointed to announce that Hollywood’s iconic poster creator known as Bill Gold is no more. He has left the world aghast with his death. He lived a long life, so to say. May his soul rest in peace.

Bill Gold passed away at the age of 97.

According to BBC reports, The seasoned illustrator had created more than 2,000 posters that includes Casablanca, Dirty Harry  and Dial M for Murder.bill gold

Bill Gold started working at Warner Brothers during 1940s. He was given the task to make artwork without disclosing much about the movie’s concept.

Casablanca’s poster was Gold’s first-ever assignment. That design earned a lot of name and fame. Gold designed the artwork for Alfred Hitchcock's thriller flick Dial M for Murder.

He used to collaborate with Clint Eastwood frequently. He worked in association with director and actor in many films.

The poster that was created for the 1971 film Dirty Harry exemplified the actor's rough personality. Even though Bill had retired officially in 2003, he went on to create posters from his Connecticut home.

Gold’s last poster for the Eastwood biopic J. Edgar that came in 2011 depicted the long-time serving FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. Gold's design was made of a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio's angry facial expression as an admiration for Hoover.

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