How did Deadpool manage to get not one but two A-listers actors to cameo?


If you've seen Deadpool 2 then you're a good person but did you recognise the two legendary actors, the movie had as cameo? Chances are that you don't! But we have the story of how Ryan Reynolds convinced Brad Pitt and his former colleague, Matt Damon!

Nobody can say no to Deadpool!

Where were they in the movie? Well, half way through, an invisible character called the Vanisher has his true appearance revealed for ⅓ of a second. It was Brad Pitt. And now, the film’s star, Ryan Reynolds, and director David Leitch have revealed how they made that cameo possible!
“I was ecstatic (about the Pitt cameo), I couldn’t believe it. We had early talks with him about Cable, you remember the artwork was leaked and we had to pull it back from the internet. It was serious talks and I think he was really interested, he loves the universe and he loves Deadpool. But for whatever reason it didn’t work out, and he kind of left the door open when we left that meeting, like, ‘If you guys ever need anything give me a call, I’d love to be involved,’ and Ryan just said, ‘Oh I have an idea.’ So we started to think about what it could be and The Vanisher thing was perfect," Leitch revealed.
What was Pitt paid in return, you ask? Oh, just a simple cup of coffee for his blink-and-you-miss appearance in the superhero sequel. He said that the premise behind the cameo was ‘What’s the most wasteful way to use the biggest movie star in the world?’ and both him and Pitt found it funny. Moreover, Damon's cameo was also not easy to notice, since he was lathered in thick prosthetics.
“(The cameos happened) because you have the celebrity star-power of Ryan Reynolds, you have a franchise that is beloved, and then I have worked with both of them as a stunt double, so I think having all of those things helped. Moreso Ryan Reynolds and more so Deadpool being beloved, but me knowing who they were cracked the door open a bit, and actually Matt knows Ryan really well too,” Leitch said. The filmmaker continued that all it took to convince Damon to do the bit was a dinner conversation with Reynolds.
Matt also made a cameo appearance in the last year released Marvel superhero movie, Thor Ragnarok!

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