Karen Gillan says she can be a good director


Remember the cute girl in ‘Jumanji’ movie? Yes, that’s Karen Gillan who went on to do some more films that made her a successful actress. 

Karen became popular for her role in Jumanji.

She believes her acting career has provided her sufficient skills and exposure to be a good director. After working with such good directors and plenty of movies, she believes she has understood what actors want and what actors’ requirements are.karen gillan

The actress is assured that she can offer a safe atmosphere for actors which is what they want. Here’s what she has to say: 

"I've just worked with so many directors as an actress, so I know exactly what I want from a director. So I was able to give that to the actors ... So, they want an environment that is safe so that they can offer up their ideas and take risks, like artistically."

"And not be scared that they are going to get laughed at or shut down, which, it happens. That happens," Gillan said.

The "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" star looks up to James Gunn for taking directorial inspiration because he gives the actors "wings".

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