Leonardo DiCaprio gets a beetle named after him!


Oscar winning Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio's love for the nature is pretty well-known. And guess what! Because of his active environmental campaigning for all these years, DiCaprio was honored by naming a beetle after him! 

He established The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation in 1998

The Grouvellinus leonardodicaprioi beetle was discovered at the bottom of a waterfall in Maliau Basin, a remote nature reserve in Borneo, reports femalefirst.co.uk. It was found by Taxon Expeditions, a firm set up to help untrained volunteers discover new species and the expedition was funded by the Inception star's foundation.

After finding three new species of water beetle, the participants voted to name one of them after DiCaprio.

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation aims to reduce the impact of humans on the environment and protect the world's last wild places. It has awarded over $100 million in grants since 2010.

Other celebrities to have insects’ names after them include actress Kate Winslet, who too has a beetle named after her. The Scaptia beyonceae horsefly was named after singer Beyonce because of its dense golden hair, and the Gnathia marleyi is a parasite that feed on fish in the Caribbean, named after late reggae singer Bob Marley.

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