Liam Payne says fame made him go nuts


Singing Sensation Liam Payne has said that gaining a lot of fame made him go "nuts". He confesses to having taking some moments to stay out of the spotlight that allowed him to introspect and be "himself" yet again.

Payne wanted some time out of the spotlight.

Payne told a reputed magazine,"Fame made me a little bit nuts and distracted me a lot from the person I was. And it pissed me off in the end, because it was like, 'You could have been this guy, but you chose to do this.' Nobody really knew anything about me. I put on a front that was not really me." liam payne

The hitmaker of "Bedroom floor" preferred to have some time of solitude to put the spotlight aside. Prior to his solo career from the moment One Direction declared their sabbatical during 2015. He quips that he is back to his rejuvenated old self yet again. 

"But now that I've had my time away, you slowly, naturally become the person you were before you started, but with a lot more knowledge. So I feel a lot more myself than I ever did before, rather than being a part of something and having a part to play or treading on eggshells around someone," he added.

Payne further added: "When I sat back and thought about all the silly things I might have said and done wrong - not that I have any regrets, because I think whatever happened, happened - I think that now is the time to not be that person."

"I remember the day we finished, because of the place I was in, I was quite happy that we had a break. I said to the person with me at the time, 'Thank god I do not have to play that person again for a long time.' It was exhausting and I could not keep up with myself."

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