Marvel reveals the origin of Mighty Titan, Thanos: Full report below!


Marvel Studios' Avengers series which began in 2012, is all set to release its fourth instalment in 2019. Although, the previous parts of Avengers series have done remarkably well at the Box-Office, its third instalment aka Infinity War became one of the most memorable cinematic project of the century.

The mighty Thanos was raised by Cosmic Ghost Rider aka Frank Castle

And the main reason behind the unmatched success of Infinity War is its gigantic villain, Thanos. The mad titan Thanos, who wipes half of the universe with a mystical snap, became the most appreciated character from the movie.

Unlike any other movie, Infinity War has a tragic ending where a villain overpowers the ultimate team of superheroes. And likewise, the audience is compelled for knowing the past of Ghamora's father and the last Titan, Thanos.

Well, the answer to every Marvel-fan's biggest question lies in the Marvel comics. "The dramatic conclusion to the series everyone is talking about! Featuring Punisher! Thanos! Punisher! AND Thanos! Plus a few more surprises, some terrible deaths…and maybe a little redemption? Sounds unlikely given who we’re talking about," read the description of Cosmic Ghost Rider #5.

As per the reports, Cosmic Ghost Rider (CGR) is a comic-book in which Frank Castle aka CGR raises Thanos as a child with a hope that he won't become a villainous character.

The comic further reveals that unfortunately, Frank fails in keeping Thanos away from the world of chaos and in the end a 'Punisher Thanos' fights against Frank Castle.

"Castle fights Punisher Thanos to the death, eventually disintegrating the Mad Titan with a massively-upgraded Penance Stare," reads the report.

In the end, Frank takes him to his original timeline after which he has been told that his deeds will result into a murderous Thanos in the future.

On a related note, Avengers 4 will be released on 3rd March in 2019. And as per our previous reports, the trailer of the untitled Avengers movie will be launched in December 2018.

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