No more social media for supermodel Bella Hadid


One of the most stunning model, Bella Hadid recently revealed that she restricts her access to social media every morning so that it does not 'throw' out her day. While Bella is known for her active use of social media, she has now started avoiding the same.

Bella has almost 18M followers!

Talking about her relationship with her phone, Bella revealed that she avoids looking at her phone as a part of her decision to commit to practicing self-care, reports

"When I wake up, I give myself 30 minutes where I'm not allowed to check my phone," she told

"For a while, it would be the first thing I'd check in the morning and it would completely throw my mind off target, especially when the first thing I would read would be either something somebody I don't know said about me or something that could possibly hurt my feelings," she said.

"Having that half an hour in the morning gives me time for myself to just lay there and breathe," she added.

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