Rita Ora gets her sister’s name inked in hindi


Celebrity tattoos always get heaps of attention. When they dedicate their tats to family, it looks really adorable. This time pop-star Rita Ora has got a sexy tattoo. Where? What? Hang on, details will be divulged soon.

Rita Ora’s sister name is Elena.

The singer has got her sister’s name tattooed on inside of her right bicep. Rita Ora’s songs have become a UK chart-buster. Previously, she was getting scouted by Jay-Z’s Roc-Nation label at the age of 18. She keeps her loved ones in the reach of an arm. Her brother Don’s name has also been engraved on her arm.rita ora

Rita Ora loves her brother and sister to the extreme and that’s why she got their names tattooed on her arm. They are inseparable and their loving bond is unforgettable. This proves what a family girl she really is.

Rita’s birthplace is Pristina, what used to be Yugoslavia,but is now  called Kosovo and her family shifted base to London when she was an infant. “My childhood was great, my family was great. I wasn’t in a mansion or anything but we made it work,”

Rita has mentioned that her parents gave her a humble upbringing. “We grew up in Ladbroke Grove. Me, my mom, my siblings and my dad in a 3-bedroom flat. I shared a room with my sister my whole life.” It’s obvious now why both of them are very close. Rita talks about getting her sister’s name tattooed, “I have a sister, Elena, she’s 23. I just got her name tattooed on me.” We’re surprised Rita doesn’t have tats dedicated to her mother and father too, but she may have plans for those tattoos in the future…”

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