Saoirse Ronan feels fame can distract a person


The popular actress Saoirse Ronan feels that fame can be distracting. How many of you feel that it is true?

Saoirse Ronan did not do any makeup in 'Lady Bird'.

According to sources, Ronan is very much in demand in Hollywood these days. Despite her fame, Ronan wants to stay grounded because she doesn’t want fame to affect her work or distract her.Saoirse Ronan

The ‘Lady Bird’ actress says, "I can see how it can be distracting, especially when you do get a bit more recognisable, and maybe you are sort of in the public eye a little bit more and stuff."

"But if you are why it is you are doing this - it should be because you love it - it keeps you quite level headed," she adds further.

Irrespective of the success she faced, the 24 year old actress spends her humdrum life pretty much unnoticed. She quipped that a lot of people still don’t know that she belongs to Irish origin."You know, most people still don't know that I'm Irish."

She goes on to add, "I have a lot of people coming up to me in Ireland lately, when I've been home, and friends of mine who apparently love me say that my voice is very, very loud and it travels across time and space... I was in a supermarket the other day and someone was like, 'Is it you, is it yourself?"

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