Shazam Trailer Out: DC Comics' fun-loving superhero is delightful to watch!


Soon after Spiderman Homecoming, Marvels came up with the Infinity War which broke all the previous records. The third installment of the Avengers series has set the bar for superhero-movies very, very high.

DC Comics' first-ever fun character

Well, it is just the beginning of an unending 'movie-war' between DC Comics and Marvel Studios. Warner Bros' one of the most anticipated projects and DC Comics' only fun-loving superhero, Shazam will soon find its way to the theaters. Last weekend's San Diego Comic Con witnessed the trailers from upcoming Warner Bros. movies including 'Shazam'.

"Worlds of DC" had two major movies in its kitty which will soon be released; Aquaman and Shazam. We will talk about Jason Momoa's 'Aquaman' later but first, have a look at the hilarious trailer of 'Shazam' below:

All those who've grown up reading DC Comics will surely notice the similarities between Geoff Johns' 2012 origin story and 2018 Shazam. Worlds of DC are known to produce some of the darkest superheroes and villains but Shazam is a class in its own. DC Comics' Shazam is funny and irreverent, touching and heroic.

The story of a less-privileged kid who becomes a superhero 'Shazam' is intriguing to watch and as a result, its trailer became a massive hit. But will the movie live-up to its name?

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Before replying to that you might want to wait for the movie to release.

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